Repairing wooden floorboards in your home or place of business that have been exposed to water due to a plumbing emergency can be a task that is time-consuming but not impossible. With the right solution and prompt action, you can reverse the damages. Here are a few tips on taking care of your wooden floorboard after a plumbing emergency.

  • Dry The Area Thoroughly

The first step involves drying the floorboards. Wipe away or mop up any excess moisture. To ensure you are extracting as much water as possible, it is advisable to use a wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner. This will remove the moisture, which may have already seeped into the floorboards.

When drying the area, avoid applying any form of heat. Heat usually creates the ideal environment for the formation of mold and mildew. Instead, use large fans that are aimed towards the floor.

  • Ventilate The Room To Decrease Moisture

When you set up the fans in the affected room, ensure that you have opened the windows slightly. Also, open the door to the room or any other entries that connect to this area. These steps will improve interior ventilation. However, if the humidity levels are too high, it is best to combine the fans with a dehumidifier in order to extract the excess moisture levels.

  • Watch Out For Signs Of Mould

Once the subfloor and the wooden floorboards have dried out, make sure there are no signs of other issues such as mold. The more obvious sign will include a slightly musty smell. This means that mildew is present, and you will then need to treat your floorboards to eradicate the mold spores.

  • Check The Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC)

It is not easy to detect the water damage levels, or how far the moisture has spread. Rather than pulling up your wooden floorboards, there are electronic meters you can use to check on the moisture levels. This tool is handy in order to establish whether your subfloor has experienced any water damage, and if so, to what extent.

When you conduct these readings, ensure you have recorded each text with the date and time that you checked them. Most of the insurance carriers will require proof that is credible when it comes to water damage. Using an EM reading will usually improve your chances of a successful claim.

Have The Water Damaged Assessed By A Professional Company

You can attempt to deal with damages to your wooden floorboards caused by a plumbing emergency by yourself, but when you don’t have the right equipment and the time, then it is best to call the best cherrybrook plumber. Plumbing experts use water vacuums, dehumidifiers, mold treatments, among others, that they will apply to your flooring as required.

In addition, they are also backed by the experience and expertise to quickly and efficiently deal with all types of water damages that have occurred to your business or home. They can also assist you with a reliable and honest assessment of whether your wooden floorboards can be saved or whether you need to consider replacing them.