To decorate and furnish the bedroom correctly, attention must be paid to various factors, such as the amplitude of the space, or if its lighting is more natural or artificial. We are going to show you furniture of great design, designed to make the most of the space, unique for the bedroom. We hope you like them and that inspires you to decorate and furnish your bedrooms as you want. Read more at bedroom suites

Curved Shapes

The experience and sense of professionalism of whoever makes the furniture are crucial to shape our ideas with original results. Cream colors are always welcome in the bedroom, especially when illuminated by warm light, and the curved shapes of furniture or cushions still invite you to rest.

Extension with ladder

To take advantage of the space in the bedroom and all its dimensions, an extra bed built on the second floor and accessed through a stylish wooden staircase was the perfect solution, with a modern and natural design at the same time, which includes small holes in the base to store different objects.

Double beds

Another design, a little smaller, of two beds, joined by stairs we can see in this photo, in which the design and its uniform color gives unity to the beds, and the staircase is convenient to create a modern and stylish cabin.

Another design

In this new cabin design, taller, the design of the staircase plays a fundamental role in the style of beds and full furniture, with one bed higher than the other and large storage spaces in between. The colors, also, get along very well with the natural wood and the broad natural light that enters through the window.